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You can watch the explanation of Urology Specialist Surgeon Vedat Ali Canoğlu published on TV in 2016.

In Press Articles: Article on Circumcission and infection

Urology Specialist Surgeon Vedat Ali Canoğlu’s “Circumcision performed at an early age protects children from urinary tract infection” state Press Release dated 16 May 2015

President of the Association of Professional Circumcisers, Urology Specialist Surgeon Vedat Ali Canoğlu drew attention to the fact that circumcision is performed in all age groups in Turkey. Emphasizing that circumcision is a maturation process at an early age, Canoğlu said, “Now, the children of families are waiting for circumcised participants before the age of 3. Early circumcision has some advantages. Early circumcision protects children from urinary tract infections. Uncircumcised children are 10 times more likely to develop urinary tract infections than circumcised children. If you have your child circumcised early, you will minimize the risk of future urinary tract infections.” Said, Urology Specialist Surgeon Vedat Ali Canoğlu, about circumcision, first focused on the diseases that can be encountered in uncircumcised people. Talking about a common disease called foreskin inflammation (Balanitis), Canoğlu continued his speech as follows: “The penis becomes twice as large as it is, and an abscess occurs in it. In children symptoms such as fkanaever, malaise, infection, etc occur. This causes adhesions on the foreskin of children and may adversely affect the recovery period after circumcision. At the same time, when this inflammation penetrates into the urinary tract, the possibility of urinary tract infection increases. The importance of urinary tract infection in children, urinary tract infection in adults is usually limited to the lower urinary tract. But in children, there is a backward valve mechanism in the canals coming from the kidneys to the bladder, and since this is not fully developed in childhood, the inflamed urine in the bladder can go towards the kidneys. Canoğlu, who warned that when uncircumcised children get urinary tract infection, the infection can spread to the kidneys of the person quickly, “The infection that starts in the lower urinary tract of the child can reach the kidneys in a short time. We are faced with a situation we call nephritis (kidney infection). Nephritis causes damage to the kidney and is a dangerous disease that can lead to chronic kidney failure when repeated. By circumcising the child, we prevent both foreskin and urinary tract infections, as well as prevent nephritis and chronic kidney failure that may occur in the future.” made a statement.


“Uncircumcised men are more likely to develop penile cancer.” Canoğlu said, “Penile cancer is very rare in our country. Penile cancer mostly originates from the area where the foreskin is located, and the risk of cancer is reduced when the foreskin is removed. The incidence of penile cancer is much less in men who have been circumcised. As with any cancer, it is a fatal disease, and even cutting the penis when the diagnosis is late sometimes does not prevent the spread of the disease. We rarely encounter penile cancer in our country. The main reason for this is that we are circumcised. The incidence of penile cancer is low in Muslim countries such as our country, since circumcision is routinely performed, but it is more common in other countries. Families should have their children circumcised at an early age. They will see the many advantages of that.” said.


While giving information about circumcision, Canoğlu explained between which ages men should not be circumcised. Canoğlu said, “The information we will give is currently in the period between 3 and 5, this is called the phallic period. During this period, children begin to get to know their bodies. They think about their penis as a part of their body. They start playing with their pipi. He can also enjoy it when he touches it. If they are circumcised, according to the latest research, there can be a feeling of hatred towards the mother and father. In other words, he perceives taking the toy from the child’s hand and harming his penis as the same thing. I misbehaved and my father took me and had me circumcised. It has been determined that he instills a feeling of hatred towards the family, and develops a fear of doctors and nurses towards the hospital environment. For this reason, we do not find circumcision very appropriate in children between the ages of 3 and 5, he warned.


Expressing that there is an increase in blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis B seen in childhood in Turkey, Urology Specialist Surgeon Vedat Ali Canoğlu continued: “We think that one of the important reasons for this is due to circumcisions made with instruments that are not sufficiently sterilized. Collective circumcisions are a social, economic and political reality of our country and it seems that they will continue to be done for many years. As an association, our humble suggestion to our ministry would be to continue the reforms they have made on circumcision and to reconsider the practices of mass circumcision. The procedures to be performed in mass circumcisions must be done with disposable circumcision instruments and sets. There may be complications after the procedure in every circumcision. There may be bleeding, infection may occur. These are conditions that can be treated. However, if blood diseases such as hepatitis B and AIDS are passed on to our circumcised baby, this is an irreversible condition and has fatal consequences.”


Canoğlu said that the Ministry of Health has been working on healthy circumcision for 2 years in Turkey; “With the Health Bag Law enacted by the government in 2014 and with the communiqué sent to all Governorates and Provincial Health Directorates on March 23, 2015, the authority of the Health Officers to perform circumcision was canceled as of January 1, 2015.” he said.

Canoğlu, who wants health officials to comply with the rule about not performing circumcision, said, “The risk of contagious diseases is very high. There is an increase in hepatitis B in infectious diseases in Turkey. We think that this is due to circumcision. Especially in mass circumcisions, circumcisions must be done with disposable tools and sets. One of the harms we can do in circumcision is the transmission of hepatitis B disease to the child. Some problems can be taken care of, but once the hepatitis B disease passes, you will cause a lifelong discomfort to that person. Hepatitis is one of the most important causes of Liver Cancer in the future, so it needs to be paid attention to.” he made a statement.