Who should I do the circumcision?

Circumcision becomes the first and last surgery of life for many boys. Surgical intervention on such an important organ must be performed by a specialist, if possible, by a pediatric urologist.

When should I do the circumcision?

Circumcision can be performed at any time from the day the child is born. Although it is said that circumcision is inconvenient in some age groups, there is not a single scientific publication in the literature on this subject. The period I recommend most is the early infancy months. Do not forget that as your child's age grows and consciousness develops, his psychological stress will increase.

What are the risks of circumcision?

As with any surgical intervention, circumcision has its own risks. Bleeding and infection are among the most common complications. However, such risks are almost never seen after circumcision with plastic clips.

How should I prepare my child for circumcision?

There are no definite standards and written rules on this subject. Regardless of the age of the child, the point of view and way of thinking about circumcision is different from adults. Children's imagination is very wide. Since children's perspectives on the world and circumcision are quite different from ours, he will not evaluate what is told to him like an adult. Children learn many things that they hear from their friends about circumcision or that adults say as a joke (for example, the joke that it will be cut with an ax) and draw a very different portrait of circumcision in their minds. For this reason, explaining circumcision to children in its finest details often has the opposite effect. The two words that cause the most reaction and fear in children are "cut" and "needle". Although an explanation such as “Doctor will make a small injection into his penis and then cut off the end” makes perfect sense to us adults, it is perceived quite differently in the imagination of children. While a child who has had an injection elsewhere before remembers this pain, now he learns that it will be done in the most sensitive place, his fear increases 10 times. And for the child who thinks that his penis will be cut off completely, circumcision becomes a truly terrible event. Especially when such information is given to the child a few months before the circumcision, it becomes the child's nightmare. It is also very important not to make circumcision the most important agenda item at home and not to talk about this issue too much in the presence of the child. Stress will be minimized if all explanations to the child are made shortly before the circumcision, and if words such as "cut" and "needle" are not used.

When can my child take a bath after circumcision?

After circumcision made with this method, one can take a bath on the same day. It can even go into the sea. Since there is no open wound, it is not possible for water to touch the wound and cause infection.

When can he go to school after circumcision?

There is no harm in going to school, as this method does not require any wound care and children can wear their daily clothes immediately. However, I recommend that the child not go to school for a week, as there is a possibility that he will sit in the same position for a long time during school, or that his penis may be hit while playing jokes with his friends. While not going to school, it is not forbidden to go out, walk or play, provided that he does not get a blow to his penis.

Can we tie a nappy?

Yes. Nappy can be tied immediately after circumcision. There is no problem.

Is there a fever after circumcision?

No. If there is a fever after circumcision, he may be suffering from a febrile illness due to a microbe he contracted a few days ago. If fever persists, show it to a pediatrician to understand the cause.

Does he have pain when urinating?

No Since there is no open wound, there is no pain due to the contact of urine.

Is mass circumcision harmful?

Mass circumcisions made with the sutured method cause significant health problems. It is not possible to obtain sufficient surgical circumcision instruments to circumcise hundreds or even thousands of children together. There is not enough time to sterilize the sets at hand. For this reason, the same tools are used in many children in mass circumcisions. If one of the children has jaundice or AIDS, it can infect all children. However, since surgical instruments are not needed in the plastic clip method and separate materials are used for each child, there is no risk of jaundice or AIDS transmission in mass circumcisions performed with this method.

What should I do before circumcision?

There is no preparation to be made before the circumcision made with the plastic clip method. The child does not need to be hungry, families can feed their children and come. They do not need to bring any special supplies.

How is the foreskin cut?

In the Alisklamp method, the foreskin is cut with a scalpel, that is, with a sterile scalpel. No laser or cautery is used.

Can the plastic clamp come off by itself?

No. It is not possible for the plastic clip to come off by itself or for the child to pull it out. In order for the clamp to come out, the plastic locks must be cut with the help of a side cutter.

What should we do if the Alisklamp gets pooped?

Fear not, it doesn't matter if it's poop or some other mess. There is no risk of infection as the wound is not exposed but under the plastic. You can wash it.

When is circumcision mandatory?

If there is a tightness in the foreskin (phimosis), frequent urinary tract infections, inflamed and swollen pips (balanitis), if there is difficulty in urination, if there is obstruction in the urinary tract, these children should be circumcised as soon as possible.